Jana Jerkić, employee of RokPay d.o.o. participated in the first Orbiz conference on the topic: “Integration of E-Commerce in everyday business”

Written by: Amila Heralić

Jana Jerkić, an employee of our company, was one of the panelists at the first Orbiz conference, held on December 15, 2022. starting at 10:30 a.m. in the hall – CineStar Cinemas, which is located in Bingo City Center Sarajevo.

The conference carried the slogan “Synergy of success”, and its goal was to present new, successful and inspiring business stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina, bring experts from various economic fields, offer useful knowledge and information that can be applied in everyday business.

Jana Jerkić

Jana Jerkić

Jana, as the youngest panelist, spoke on the topic “Integration of E-Commerce in everyday business”, and at the same time presented our company, which supported this event.

“There were several participants on the panel who presented their views and experiences from different angles on the importance of creating online stores for small and large businesses. For me, as someone who works on the development of online stores, the task was to clarify how business owners who want to create an online store should set themselves up, what are the things they should pay attention to and what are some potential expectations they may have. The focus of my story was more on the E-Commerce system, but I certainly mentioned RokPay. What I could notice from the reactions of the audience is that they are already partially familiar with it, I guess they have heard more about RokPay than they really know about it, but it is certainly important to mention that the story about RokPay is spreading”, words are Jane Jerkić, who obtained the title of software engineer at Software Engineering, which operates within the Polytechnic Faculty of the University of Zenica.

In addition to Jane, the panelists were:

Jasmin Marić, President, Association for Internet Trade “eComm” in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Edin Emšo, Country Manager DHL Express
Josipa Marić, Co-founder of the Pavone brand

“Participating in the Orbiz conference was very nice for me. By the way, this is the first time I participate in this kind of public performance and it is certainly a great experience. What made me particularly happy was that after the panel, some people came to meet with the desire to meet and talk with them about some of their ideas and ways to digitize those ideas,” said Jana Jerkić.


The conference was organized by two entrepreneurs Erna Šošević, founder and director of Bizbook and Senita Slipac, co-founder and director of OREA Bazaar.

Photo: Mirza Alijagić