Terms and conditions of use

Buy now – pay later!

These payment terms apply to you and the store where you purchase your goods or services if you choose RokPay as your payment method. Please note that payment via RokPay can only be used by consumers.

If you choose to pay via RokPay, then you pay with a maturity of 14 days from the shipment of goods, tickets or other services, the time of availability of services or digital content. The store assigns the claim to RokPay d.o.o.
RokPay will send you a payment slip, and you will then pay for your order directly to RokPay.

Pay only after you receive the order!

RokPay offers you RokPay customer protection, so you only pay for the ordered goods when you have received them, and RokPay supports you in case there are problems with the purchase.

Costs and fees

RokPay charges an invoicing fee of BAM 0 per purchase. In the event of late payment, RokPay may claim damages of BAM 5 for each reminder. You are free to prove that RokPay did not suffer any or minor damage.

Credit checks and data protection

If you select RokPay as your payment method, RokPay will check your creditworthiness to determine if you can be credited to your account. RokPay processes your personal information in order to fulfill your obligations under this Agreement, as well as for additional purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. We process your personal information, for example, to identify you and to perform customer analysis, creditworthiness, marketing and business development. We may also make your information available to selected third parties.

In addition, you agree that the Company for Programming and Digital Marketing RokPay d.o.o. Zenica may collect, use and process all your personal data and data of the legal entity, which were made available during registration on the RokPay Platform in accordance with the positive legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all for the purpose of performing the registered activity of the Programming and Digital Marketing Company RokPay d.o.o. Zenica, and especially those related to the consolidation and keeping records of users of services of the Company for Programming and Digital Marketing RokPay d.o.o. Zenica.

You agree that RokPay Programming and Digital Marketing Company d.o.o. Zenica may make the above data available to third parties or competent institutions when performing the registered activity of the Company for Programming and Digital Marketing RokPay d.o.o. Zenica, in accordance with the positive legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Email messages

When you send us an e-mail with personally identifiable information, either by e-mail with a question or comment, or by the form you send us by e-mail, we use that information to meet your requirements.


For the security of the data at this address, and to ensure that this service is accessible to all users, this computer system uses software that monitors online visits and recognizes unauthorized attempts to upload or modify data, as well as those that could otherwise cause damage. . Unauthorized attempts to upload or modify data at this location are strictly prohibited.

Deletion of personal data

You can at any time request a review of all personal information we have received from you at one of our online addresses. We may update, correct or delete this information at your request (if the information in question is still in our databases), or stop using this information in the future. If you want to exercise that right, just let us know.

Changes and termination

RokPay reserves the right to change or discontinue all or any part of this website and the terms of use at any time. Changes take effect upon posting at this address or when users are notified.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our personal data protection procedures, or regarding your experiences with RokPay, please contact us by email…

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